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On a daily basis, I meet around four to five clients with whom I may or may not make appointments for midnight lovemaking and all.

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I am having affairs with two men at present and they are all too happy with me. I wear nice and sexy, and we laugh together and make the whole time pass with sheer pleasure and fun.

All the hot steam in my body gets toned down with the number of clients that I am receiving day by day and my body does not seem to be complaining about it.

It’s got no issues; rather, it’s always craving for more and more.

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We drink, dance, and make all sorts of merry and these are those kinds of clients that are not only young and youthful but are also very dashing and sexy to go out with.

It does not feel like I am escorting them as a call girl but like a girlfriend only.

With some others, like older men, they want affairs with me to have me for all sorts of bodily pleasures and they want to get into my body till the time they don’t get exhausted.

This exhaustion then again I give after some time gap of a break. These kinds of men don’t talk much and they only want action in bed, satisfied and happy.

They don’t laugh and neither do they appreciate anything worth laughing at, very serious and somber, and they do it with my body as if it’s a kind of chore and not something to be enjoyed with.

Laughter and life have stopped for them just as their mental age, and for them all these sensual sessions are just a paving way for relaxation and getting out of stress from Call Girl Services in Delhi.

If they would have asked for my opinion, then I think I would have recommended going to none of the women in the world and burdening and dampening their spirit with such serious and misery-filled faces and vibes.